Tell me about yourself...

I am a Business-Technologist during working hours (rest of the time, I love to think, do photography and read and breath technology). 

My work involves solving business challenges via Technology.

Mobility, Data Science and Algorithm are my areas of interest in particular and I have been working in Financial Services & General Insurance domain for a while.

My core is connected to Product engineering, where I have spent significant amount of time and still continue to do so in BFSI domain.

I have worked with Fortune 100 organisations as employee and as consultant (including Oracle, Motorola, Microsoft, Cisco, Toshiba, Fujitsu) as well as in Indian conglomerates (Magma group).

My engineering core was formed at Indian Statistical Institute (MTech Computer Sc) and Jadavpur University while I tried to gather executive education from IIM-Bangalore and Harvard Business School.

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