"Not all those who wander are lost" 

The bug of travel hit me early, thanks to my father who truly believed in simple living and high thinking. Irrespective of the savings made in a year, my father ensured that we travelled atleast once, if not twice every year.

We travelled in the Himalayas, in the jungles, in the sea shores. We didn't stay at the best of the hotels, but we ensured that we uncovered one more place every year. This streak of travel continued till my father was around. After a brief pause, we started hitting the road again, with my wife, Mom and later my daughter joined us.


How frequently do we travel? - We don't know. When we feel like going out, we start planning

How much time do we spend on planning? - Max 2 weeks, Min 2 days

Where do we prefer to go? - Himalayas, Sea beaches, jungles, historical places, I mean, anywhere

Why do we travel? - We would come back to you on this soon

We (me and my wife) also love to take photos. Well, since we love to travel as well as capture photos, that makes you part of our journey. Interested to check photos from our travel?

The Travel Stories

G+ Collection: Discovering India through my lens

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Travel hacks in India: A blog about how to quickly and safely (as well as cost effectively) plan your

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This blog started sometime in 2006, almost at the same time when I started learning photography. It has some old photos, as well as a story on how did I learn photography - a non--serious read

Link: http://itssubhamoy.blogspot.in/search/label/Photography

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Back from Meghalaya: North-east has the untouched beauty, often ignored by the traditional travellers