Title: Application Security framework for Mobile App Development in Enterprise setup

Authors: Subhamoy Chakraborti, Sugata Sanyal

Published on: Arxiv.org (Cornell University Archive), Mar 2015

Summary: While the Mobile ecosystem has been evolving over the years, the increased exposure of mobility in Enterprise framework have caused major focus on the security aspects of it. While a significant focus have been put on network security, this paper discusses on the approach that can be taken at Mobile application layer, which would reduce the risk to the enterprises.

Title: An Elitist Simulated Annealing Algorithm for Solving Multi Objective Optimization Problems in Internet of Things Design

Authors: Subhamoy Chakraborti, Sugata Sanyal

Published on: International Journal of Advanced Networking and Applications (IJANA), Dec 2015

Summary: This paper proposes to use a variant of this mechanism to solve multi-objective optimization problems in IoT space to come out with a set of solutions which are nondominated from each other. 

Title: How Mobility Solution helped Magma Fincorp in becoming leaner and reduce turnaround time

Authors: CIO.in

Published on: CIO.in

Summary: Implementing Mobility solution for field force has its own challenge. It gets bigger when the user base in at the hinterland and in Tier 2/3 cities in India with very low connectivity. This case study, in discussion with myself, talks about how we did a successful implementation of Enterprise Mobility at Magma Fincorp and the benefits reaped from it. The solution is currently deployed for 4000 field executives and has achieved 97% adoption, which is a landmark in the industry.

Title: Heuristic Algorithm using Internet of Things and Mobility for solving demographic issues in Financial Inclusion projects

Authors: Subhamoy Chakraborti, Sugata Sanyal, Dr D P Acharya

Published on: Arxiv.org (Cornell University Archive), Mar 2015

Summary: This paper discusses about an IoT and Mobility driven approach, which the Financial Institutions may consider while trying to work on financial inclusion projects.

Title: Change Management - a case study on Magma Fincorp

Authors: Sugata Sanyal

Published on: Indian Economist, Sep 2015

Summary: Driving change management becomes more complex than it sounds, especially in organizations with a long history of success. How does an organization cope with the evolving change? And how does it bring in major change initiatives and make them successful? This article enlists few steps that an organization should take towards a successful change management program. The article is based on interactions and discussions between the author and yours truly.

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